No, I decided early on not to jump on the ‘one test tells all’ band wagon. I prefer to work with each child so that I can assess their potential. Obviously, I do need to know if your child has any particular difficulties, in which case 11+ suitability should be discussed.
On the whole I do very little 1:1 tutoring, preferring to take small classes. The 11+ is after all very competitive, and in my experience, children try harder to improve when pitting themselves against others in a friendly and encouraging environment. Much more fun than working alone!
Yes, I am. I gained a Teacher’s Certificate (Cert Ed) from Reading University many years ago, then I studied education courses with the Open University (BA) and completed a professional degree in 1997 (B Phil Ed Hons) at Westminster College, Oxford.
Each year varies of course, but usually 90%, sometimes more, of the students I expect to pass do get through, some of whom have scored the top mark of 170+.
Parents are given reports at regular intervals which tells them how their children are progressing and whether or not a pass is likely.
Children are very adaptable. They quickly adjust to their weekly slot and begin to enjoy meeting up with the friends they make and trying to beat the challenges put to them. The drinks and biscuits halfway help too!
Bucks require a standardised score of 121. If you wish to read more about this procedure, visit www.elevenplusexams.co.uk
No, the materials used are all included in the fees although I do like children to own their own pocket dictionary as it encourages an interest in spelling and vocabulary.
If you introduce more than one child at the same time (twins or otherwise) I offer a 10% discount. The same discount applies if you set up a standing order for your fee payments.
So many children are tutored today, making the competition for grammar school places much more difficult. Unless your child is naturally brilliant, I think it’s fair to say that some form of familiarisation is an absolute ‘must’. If you can do this job yourself, you are among the happy few who will also be able to teach their son/daughter to drive when the time comes, without either falling out or having a nervous breakdown!
I am a dedicated professional. My goal is the same as yours and, in order to achieve that goal, I am prepared to go that extra mile. Parents can and do contact me about their worries and difficulties or for general advice at all times, and I try to accommodate them. I am not a 9-5 tutor, nor do I just work during the 2 hour teaching sessions. Each year I try to improve my services and to build on my ongoing experiences. I keep records and notes, along with examples of individual work so that I have a comprehensive understanding of each child. Above all, I try to make learning fun and to encourage a thirst for knowledge that will stand them in good stead, not just for the 11+, but for the future.

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