Course Structure

How The Course Works

Class Structure

You choose a day to suit your timetable. There are no more than eight children in most classes and never more than a 1:8 - teacher:child ratio, which allows their confidence to grow in a friendly environment and for them to be given personal attention where required. Those who join in September usually attend until the end of July when schools break up. However, some choose to do further classes during August in Frieth Village Hall (RG96PR), which will acclimatise them to the test situation.


Terms 1 and 2 will be devoted to going over individual question types, building up word power and increasing mathematical skills. In term 3, children will be given the opportunity of taking replica test papers under test conditions in order to familiarise them for the forthcoming procedure. At this stage, final problems are 'ironed out' and timing becomes a major focus.

Reporting Back

There will be an assessment once a term and these results will be sent out to you so that you can monitor your child's progress. These marks will highlight any weak areas and show you whether your child is on target for a successful 11+ result. If the student is struggling you may stop tuition at any half-termly point, given reasonable notice. You will find, however, that this tuition is beneficial beyond solely the 11+ tests, in promoting higher levels of success in language and mathematics generally.


Homework is given at the end of each session and will take about 1-1½ hours weekly to complete. Schoolwork comes first, of course, but a certain level of commitment is required here. This will also act as a preparation for working in a grammar school situation where homework plays a very important part.

Summer Courses

During August, intensive 5 day 11+ courses are offered to keep skills intact over the holiday period and to maximise potential for September. View Summer Courses for further information.


Details of dates and times are to be found in the Registration documents on the Contact page. Should you decide to register, an early reply is suggested in order to guarantee a place.

If you would like further information, please call on the numbers listed on the Contact page or send me an email.


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