About Me


I am a fully qualified teacher with over 10 years experience in schools and over 20 years in private tutoring.

I completed 3 years in teacher training (Cert Ed) at Reading University, studied education courses with the Open University (BA) and earned a professional degree in education (B Phil Ed) at Westminster College, Oxford.

My teaching experiences cover age ranges of 3 through to 15 year old students but my specialist area has been with 9 to 12 year olds. I am also an approved tutor within the private school sector for those seeking entry to Grammar schools.

Since 2000, I have been running 11+ classes, as well as intensive 5 day Summer Courses.


My Mission

As a committed and experienced tutor, I believe that my role is not solely to impart knowledge but also to challenge, engage and to promote the process and love of learning.

I encourage my students to take charge of their own learning by making sure that they play an active role in class and that they take responsibility for completing and presenting their homework each week.

My approach is friendly but firm and I expect the highest levels of achievement within the capabilities of each child.


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